BTS’ j-hope Held a Birthday Live Where He Shared His Special Day With ARMYs

” BTS’ j-hope held a birthday Wevesre Live where he chatted with ARMY, answered a few questions and even talked about Jin. He had a surorise guest who was Jimin and they talked some more about how Jin was doing. Of course when you put the two together, they will dance.

some excerts from the Weveser live

🐿️ what should I do~ recently i heard JK did a long live until into the dawn
🐿️ i wonder what is jin hyung doing.. if he’s doing okay~ if he was here he’d send me a message like “HAPPY BIRTHDAY JHOPE”
🐿️ jin hyung would be doing great wherever he is

When chatting with Jimin about Jin

🐥: Can’t believe it’s Jhope’s bday alrd time really flies
🐿: I know, getting goosebumps
🐥 Only for Jin Hyung time doesn’t fly hhhh
🐿: Hhh here time flies but for Jin Hyung it’s really slow
🐥: We contacted too today
🐿: Really, Jin Hyung did? Where??

j-hope wishing himself a happy birthday,a nd blosing out the candles on his birthday cake

🐥 Jin hyung.. he’s not struggling/having a tough time that much
🐥 but just that he misses people and wants to perform and that’s what he finds tough
🐿 I bet he misses performing, once you go (to the military) there’s alot of things you can’t do
🐥 Anyway, happy birthday

🐥: jin hyung contacted me today too he said he wanted to eat mulhoe
🐿: does the food suit him?
🐥: he says it’s delicious
🐥: jin hyung doesn’t find the stuff he does there difficult he just misses people and he wants to perform and that makes it hard

Jimin and jhope dancing during the live


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