Is BTS’ Jung Kook the Next Guest on SUGA’s “SUCHWITA” Weekly Show?

“BTS” Official Instagram account has teased a clip that might be a teaser to who will be the next guest on SUGA’s “SUCHWITA show. SUGA has been having guests on his show ‘Drink With SUGA” or SUCHWITA which has now had four episodes. The short clip shows Jung Kook singing SUGA’s song “Daechwita” but replacing “Daechwita” with “Suchwita” with the caption, “Until the day i have a drink in #Suchwita Together with #SUGA hyung (wait) (wait) 🔥🍺” Jung Kook recently held a 4-hour VLive where he chatted with fans and sang several songs, which include BTS, songs, his member’s songs, Jimin, V, SUGA, and RM.

On SUGA’s last show that he had Seventeen’s Hoshi, the episode ended with a short clip where Jung Kook was asking j-hope what kind of cookie he was eating, and j-hope responded with Jungkookie. If that was not enough to be a spoiler this latest clip adds to the belief that Jung Kook will be the next guest on SUGA’s show, to which we say, Cheers! SUGA has only interviewed one member of BTS s the rest have been other Idols and a celebrity. He interviewed RM and Jung Kook being the next guest is as exciting as anything can be.


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