20+ Hilarious Memes from The “ARMY BATTLE PARTY” Trending During the GRAMMYS

“No one can deny that ARMYs (BTS fandom) are the most creative humans on the planet. BTS have been winners in the Top Social Artist for reason, they never leave the social media or rather the fans are always trending a topic surrounding any or/and all the members. BTS have built their fandom since debut and SUGA once said that, “it does not matter when you joined ARMY, BTS found you when you needed them”

Which is very true because every year, every comeback, every new album release, every event (eg MAMA, MMA, AMAs, BBMAs, GRAMMYS, etc ), there are fans who continue to join along the way.

A fan account created a competition tagged “ARMY BATTLE PARTY” which was a battle between Team Young (ARMYs between 2013-2017) and Team Youth (ARMYs between 2018-2023).

The streaming party was being held either on Spotify or YouTube and fans shared their streaming playlists. In the end #TeamYouth won with with 14.584 points while #TeamYoung got 9.482 points!

ARMY BATTLE PARTY”, “Team Youth”, “Team Young” eneded up trending in several countries

It was a fun battle that brought out hilarious memes


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