BTS’ j-hope’s “Me, Myself, and j-hope ‘All New Hope’” Concept Film is The Perfect Defnition of Fiery Sizzling HOT!

“Now we know why BTS members reacted the way they did when they watched j-hope’s photo folio photo shoot! my LORD! this man is going to end us! BTS have been releasing a Photo folio collection where each member came up with a concept and was involved in the whole making process. So far we have had collections from Jung Kook, RM, Jin, and recently V. j-hope is now the next member to share with us his creative mind blowing mind. j-hope is a creative artists judging from his latest album “Jack in The Box” with the singles “MORE” and “Arson” we got to experience the rapper in a new light. He brought out the unexpected and caused fans to be excited for what comes next!

The concept movie presents two completely dissimilar ideas. The first one depicts J-Hope in an exquisite scene while dressed entirely in white looking like a deity from a historical K-drama.

The concept soon changes to j-hope in all black with chains, leather outfit, goth looking rings and a large hat. His visual are killer and you can see his beauty shine through in every angle, let not even talk about his sharp jawline! He is truly the King of duality!


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