BTS ARMYs Expectations vs. Reality in a Possible Jung Kook & Calvin Klein Collaboration

As possible news of BTS Jung Kook’s collaboration is spreading widely continues, fans are cautiously excited at what to expect if there’s an ad campaign with Jungkook. Calvin Klein is a brand with the most luxurious underwear in the market and most of the models are always showing off the underwear, whether male or female.

When it comes to BTS, the members are always modestly dressed, head to toe, even when you watch their RUN BTS! episodes, they are full dressed even when playing games in a swimming pool.

In dance practice or behind the scenes, whenever a member’s skin accidentally shows, they always add a BT21 character or a cartoon version of the said member.

Now that Calvin Klein and Jung Kook Collab may be happening (hopefully 🤞) it is good to manage expectations of what an ad campaign for the MAKNAE could be. ARMY wants to see Jung Kook modeling the Calvin Klein underwear like it should be, but are you ready to see him in one?

An ARMY edit of Jung Kook in Calvin Klein ad campaign! Not ready for this!

Here are possible looks of expectations verses reality.


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