ARMYs Were so Mesmerized by BTS’ SUGA at Valentino Show They Did Not Realize “he trimmed his hair!” How Fans are Taking the News

“SUGA has been serving looks in his luscious long hair and ARMYs have been obsessed and loving the long locks. Fans love the members in long hair, and for so many years edits have been made of the BTS members in long flowy hair. In 2022-2023 era we got all of them spotting long hair. The first heart break happened when Jin showed his buzz cut in preparation for his military enlistment. Fans are still in denial phase of grief.

All members will eventually cut their hairs as they are all expected to enlist in the military. Fans are not prepared for that eventuality do they held onto SUGA’s long hair for as long as possible and now, keen eyes ARMY have already found out that scissors touched SUGA’s glorious mane! Here are some Relatable Reactions from ARMY

It all started with Jin, his cute buzz cut

SUGA’s long luscious mane

Its a mixture of denial and breaking down

There were those who liked his new look and there are those who are finding acceptance


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