Michael Coste, Hermès Executive Posed for A Photo with BTS’ j-hope, a Brand Deal soon?

“Brands have been courting BTS’ j-hope and we cannot wait to see who gets j-hope’s heart to become their global brand ambassador. J-hope has been busy in Paris as he was invited to attend 3 shows at the Paris Fashion Week. He attended the Louis Vuitton fashion show, the Dior fashion show with Jimin and capped it all with an attendance at the Hermès Fashion show.

Michael Coste, Hermès executive and head of external relations posted a photo with j-hope on his Instagram. The two looked cozy and like they were enjoying each other’s company. So, should we be peaking at a preview of a possible collab? Either way, j-hope would be the perfect ambassador for any brand that picked him!

j-hope at the Hermès Fashion show.


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