British VOGUE Names BTS’ j-hope as “The MVP Of Fashion Week”

“To say that j-hope took over Paris Fashion week would be an understatement, so let us repeat “J-HOPE TOOK OVER PARIS FASHION WEEK” period. The BTS rapper, producer and dance teacher in BTS showed the world that his style is both unique and bold. J-hope wears the trends and makes them his own. He walks and breathes style without even trying. He loves fashion and fashion loves him. J-hope was invited to 3 fashion shows in Paris, and he rocked all of them so effortlessly like he was built to be in that spotlight. If you did not know how powerful j-hope’s presence is, then watch and listen to the crowds chant his name as he appears at the venue.

J-hope is never afraid to try styles that may seem too bold or too complicated. In fact, he seems to love out of the box, out of the norm, unique styles. It is this fact that has made British VOGUE to name j-hope as , “The MVP Of Fashion Week”

“Cut to the menswear collections in Paris this month, and Hobi is proving he’s well on his way to infiltrating the upper echelons of the industry. For his first outing on 19 January, the “More” musician popped up at Louis Vuitton in an abstract suede patchwork look to see guest designer Colm Dillane, stylist Ibrahim Kamara and film director Michel Gondry’s collaboration for the house – causing a frenzy in the process.” British VOGUE

j-hope at Louis Vuitton fashion show at Paris Fashion Week, Paris, France

“As a group, BTS has a longstanding relationship with Louis Vuitton, even wearing the brand to the Grammys in 2022, but Hobi’s solo appearance cemented his status as a high fashion poster boy in his own right.” British VOGUE

j-hope at Dior fashion show at Paris Fashion Week, Paris, France

j-hope at Hermes fashion show at Paris Fashion Week, Paris, France


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