BTS’ Jimin Was THE MAN of The “Dior Winter 2023” Fashion Show Grey Carpet

“BTS’ Jimin attended the Dior Winter Fashion show in Paris as teh newly appointed global ambasador for Dior. Jimin looked dapper on the gry carpet commanding the fashion show like he was born to be on it. Jimin’s charisma and effortless sexiness oozed as he stood on the grey carpet and easily posed for the camera. Jimin’s presence is unmistakebly brilliant, he stands out no matter where he is and in the spotlight is where he shines the most. Dior shared the picture of Jimin at the event and wrote,

“JIMIN from @BTS_BigHit, our newly-appointed global ambassador, ticked all the boxes of confident, contemporary elegance at this afternoon’s #DiorWinter23 by Kim Jones” Dior

Watch the full moment


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