BTS’ SUGA Praised and Gushed Over Jimin’s Work Ethic Since Their Debut on His Show, “SUCHWITA”

“BTS’ SUGA was hosting his show’s 3rd episode where he invites guests to talk and discuss various issues. In his latest show, “SUCHWITA” (Drinking With SUGA), he invited Taeyang who did a collaboration with BTS’ Jimin. They talked about the process of making their collaborative song “VIBE” Taeyang was surprised at how hard Jimin worked. SUGA confirmed and gushed about how Jimin was a genius in his own way and that he works very hard. He even said that while he went dancing at the studio, he watched Jimin practice a lot.

SUGA revealed that Jimin was not originally a singer before he joined BigHit, now HYBE, so he had to work very hard and suffered a lot in the process. Taeyang even invited Jimin and SUGA for some ramen.

Taeyang was surprised at Jimin’s determination and hard work


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