“BTS SUGA’s third episode featured Taeyang, a member of the band BIGBANG who have been BTS’s inspiration and artists that they looked up to growing up. The episode was everything! You could feel the love and respect between them as they shared candidly of their experiences. SUGA was fanboying over Taeyang saying that he was a great inspiration to him and BTS. Hearing Taeyang’s encouragement and advice was beautiful to watch as Taeyang has been in the music industry for 17 years which is commendable for an idol in South Korea and not easy as SUGA said.

Taeyang and Suga discussed music, their careers, their collaboration with Jimin, and other topics on this episode. Suga, who is a BIGBANG fan, couldn’t hide his emotions in front of Taeyang.
Taeyang was first introduced as ‘an ‘artist with an unrivaled voice.’ SUGA kept mentioning how nervous he is from the beginning to the end of the conversation. He stated,

“I’m terrified because I’m such a huge fan. Today’s guest is making me extremely nervous.”

In the past, many BTS members cited BIGBANG as a role model. Jungkook, Jimin, and J-Hope have all stated that BIGBANG or the BIGBANG members were the reason they began their careers, and now Suga has joined them!

“It’s not an exaggeration to say that BIGBANG practically made created BTS. You were musicians who I admired as a child.” SUGA

He also narrated a story about being such huge fans as a group,

“The guys all love you. When we were younger… when Jungkook turned 20, we said, ‘Let’s go out for a drink.’ and we went to a karaoke place and sang ‘Bang Bang Bang’ about 100 times. We had memorized the entire choreography. We loved you that much.”

Suga couldn’t hide his awe in front of Taeyang.

“As a musician, I think this is an exciting moment for me. I don’t have many moments like that. I still can’t believe it right now. It’s like I’m watching TV.”


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