BTS’ Jin Posted His First Pictures Since Going to Military Assuring ARMYs He’s Doing Okay

“BTS’ Jin posted his first ever selca (selfie) on Weverse for the first time since he went to the military. He posted his pictures in military uniform. Jin left for the military on 13th December and has been in training before heading to the base, where he will be until 2024 to serve his military obligation. Jin wrote in the post

“I’m having fun & doing well, I’m posting pictures, after getting permission from the military, always be Happy & Be Well” Jin

This is an assurance for ARMYs who might have been worried about him. Jin was the first BTS member to go to the military as is a requirement in South Korea for males to enlist once they hit 30 years. After their “Yet to Come” Busan concert BTS announce that they would all enlist in the military at different times and will reunite as a group in 2025.


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  1. deedar19 says:

    Wow jin is looking cool


    1. And he also somehow looks rested, the first ones that had been shared when he began military, he looked so tired. But I’m happy he is healthy


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