RM Is Listening to Kenyan-American Artist Christian Kuria, Another Win for Kenyan BTS ARMYs

“It’s all adding up, I repeat, it’s all adding up! BTS have fans that transcend all races, colors, religions, educational backgrounds, and gender among all other stereotypes out there. And as fans of BTS, it is always heartwarming when your Idol recognizes you, in one way or another. Kenyan ARMYs have been growing over the last fdew years as BTS grew in Popularity and having a mention from the artists is always a win.

When BTS released “Permission to Dance” Kenya was prominently written on a signboard that had several countries and states listed. Kenya and Egypt were the only two African countries listed on that board.

Fast forward to 2023, when BTS attended the fact music awards, and RM gave his speech in English, he mentioned “Africa” TWICE! Whether intentional or not, our continent was mentioned.

And now to add to another win for Kenyan ARMY’s RM is listening to Kenyan American-born artist Christian Kuria. The fact that his name is one of the local names for the Kikuyu tribe just makes it even more unbelievable and brings goosebumps in your heart.

Kurian was interviewd by an online magazine where he talked about a song he had done called Toroka

On “Toroka,” Christian Kuria explained, “I named the song ‘Toroka’ as a nod to my Kenyan heritage; my dad was born and raised there. It’s a Swahili term that appropriately means ‘run away’ or escape

BTS has always listened to many different artists before, during, and even after their debut. They are always introducing fans to many different artists that they would not have stumbled upon by themselves.

All we can do as Kenyan ARMYs is to hold on to that flicker of hope that BTS will visit our country or even our continent once in their careers before they retire. For now, we hold onto “Permission to Dance” and “Christian Kuria” as our chance to get the 7 South Korean men to land on our soil.


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