“someone check on Donatella” plus other reactions After BTS’ Jimin Named Dior’s Brand Ambassador

“When pictures of Jimin and Donatella surfaced at the GRAMMYs, the internet broke down with everyone ‘demanding’ that the two collaborate because they are powerhouses in their own rights. Jimin is part of the biggest band in the world and a social media influencer while Donatella is part of a world-renowned and respected brand. There were probably reasons why they could not collaborate part of which was that BTS were already brand ambassadors for Louis Vuitton. Now that the members are taking up individual projects and their contract with Louis Vuitton seems to have ended, brands are lining up to pick members for solo collaborations.

SUGA has a project coming up with Valentino and now Jimin will be the brand ambassador for “Dior” as recently announced. “Someone check on Donatella” is one of the memes that is floating around the internet as fans share pictures of Donatella and Jimin at the GRAMMYs.


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