‘DIOR’ Now Has the Most Liked Tweet in its History Due to the “JIMIN” IT BOY Impact

“Jimin of BTS is not called “IT BOY” for no reason, he rules the social media sphere and creates waves wherever he goes. He is a social media influencer by default without even trying. Jimin is known to sell out any and all items he is seen in. There are many instances where he has sold out an entire outfit he is wearing from head to toe. He is fashionable and always wears every look with finesse, style, and sexiness. The man just oozes class.

Dior just announced that Jimin would be their new ambassador and in 1 hour the tweet garnered over 100k likes! That is the highest number of likes the Dior Instagram account has ever had in its entire history! Take about the impact of a single human! The tweet now has (and still counting)72K Retweets, 10.4K Quote Tweets and 133.9K Likes so far and counting.


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