BTS’ Jung Kook Becomes The Fastest Korean Act to Surpass 800 Million Streams in Spotify’s History

“BTS’ Jung Kook has added another history in his many accolades. He is know as the SNS (social media) King as he is always topping records and setting new ones, whether it is on TikTik, Twitter, Youtube or even Google, Jung Kook is a certified King of the social sphere. Jungkook has now surpassed 800 million streams on Spotify. Heโ€™s the fastest Korean act in history to reach this mark. He has achieved this milestone in just 338 days with just three songs (Stay Alive, Left And Right, Dreamers).Jung Kook is the 3rd most streamed kpop soloist on Spotify.

The total number of streams comes from the following

Left and Right- 466,753,790
Stay Alive- 184,661,431
Left and Right instr- 5,469,332
L&R Remix Sam Feldt-5,229,741
Left and Right Acapella- 3,560,850
Left and Right Galantis-3,082,419

Total: 801,377,683

When you add all his solo songs

My Time- 216,118,180
Begin- 133,202,208

Total: 1,595,077,282 streams on Spotify


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