BTS’ Jimin Has Made More Than 10 Designer Brands To Trend After His Announcemant as ‘Dior’ Ambasador

“BTS’ Jimin is now the FIRST BTS member to become global ambassador of the 2nd largest luxury brand in the world. Jimin has been consistently topping the brand reputation ranking even without endorsing anything. After the news was released that Jimin was the Dior Global Brand Ambassador, many other fashion houses/ brands hit the twiter trends as ARMYs commented on how the other brands have missed asn opportunity to declare Jimin as theur brand ambasador. Brands that trended included, Dior (of course, 252K tweets), Celine (29.8K tweets), Versace (9.21K tweets), Chanel (27.4K tweets), Louis Vuitton (20K tweets), Donatella (1.95K tweets), Calvin Klein (5.66K tweets), Valentino (25,3K tweets), Gucci (45.7K tweets), Balenciaga (7.37K tweets).

DIOR GLOBAL AMBASSADOR JIMIN’ ranked no. 1 on the Worldwide trends after the announcement of Dior making Jimin their newest ambassador.


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