Fans Call Out Taeyang’s Label for Unfair Treatment Of BTS’ Jimin On the Song “VIBE”

“It may seem like a little thing but it is a BIG deal! credits on any song usually carry a lot of weight and when two artists collaborate it uis expected that each of the artusts is credited fully in the said song. Whether the other participated 1% 50% 0r even 0.05% the fact is that they added to the song or project. Taeyang recentley relaesed a song with Jimin of BTS. The song “VIBE” kicked off with a great start topping iTunes charts worldwide and trending for several days.

Fans have npw noticed thta there are soem disparities in how Jimin was credited, or not in different paltforms that the song was made available. It is alleged that the version that’s on jimin’s spotify profile does not have his name credited on “VIBE”, on TikTok the versioon being used to promote the song does not have ‘feat. Jimin of BTS. Other paltforms also have such omissions. Whether intentional or not, the persons charged with promoting the song have the responsibiltuy to ensure that every artist on the song is fgiven their due credit.

ARMYs always have trust issues especially with anyone that collaborates with the BTS members, and with reason. Too many times BTS have been used for clout and ARMy is ever protective of them. At the ened of the day is someone is not genuine, their true colors will some out. This is not to say that they are blaming Taeyang but his label that has refused to do its job properly.

Fans olny trust BTS and always try to give anyone that comes close to the members a chance since BTS know what they want and they always choose the people they want to work with. As such, regardless of the person’s personality, ARMY will usually give them a chance albeit holding the string tentetively until they can prove that they are there for BTS and have only good intentions.

“BLACKLABEL RESPECT JIMIN” currently trending as ARMY calls out the compoany to do the right thing

Apparently Jimin doesn’t have any Vibe credits on Melon either, Taeyang is the only one on the daily artists list!!


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