BTS’ Jimin Thanks ARMYs and Promises To Have A Live Weverse Chat Soon

“BTS’ Jimin has updated on his Weverse profile a short message for ARMYs. Fans are always excited whenever any member updates on their social media. Jimin has ofetn been the memeber who is the most active on Weverse as compared to Instagram where, whenever he posts, fans joke that he finally remembered his password! Jimin had a short message thaking fans letting them know how he felet before the release of “VIBE”

thank you for waiting until the song was released
lately i haven’t been able to sleep
but as soon as the song was released i fell asleep

because i was happily able to release the song with youngbae (taeyang) hyung
i was really happy
and i will soon come to find all of you through a live
thank you and i love you 💜”


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