“JIMIN JIMIN” Currently Trending With 1.4 Million Tweets After Release of “VIBE”

“It’s already started “JIMIN JIMIN” is currently trending several minutes after the release of his collaborative song with BIGBANG bandmember Taeyang “VIBE” was released today 13th January 2023 and Jimin has already taken over the Twitter trends. Jimin is a social media King who is always on trending lists sometimes even for just existing. His first solo song release is starting off on a high note. This is the second time he is collaborating on a song though the first one was “With You” which was an OST. “VIBE” is the first track he is doing after BTS announced their focus on solo activities. Jimin is also working on his first solo album which will be released this year or the next one.

ARMY is already obsessed with his immaculate vocals that have always captured our ears and hearts stringing you along to the music. They cannot get enough of him in the music video that has just been released. Keywords trending included “#VIBEftJimin” “#JiminlsComing” “PARK JIMIN” “JIMINS” “Jimin of BTS” and “IMIN JIMIN

The trends were already filled with Jimin the day before “VIBE” was released.


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