BTS’ V Showed His Excitement for “VIBE”’s Release, Jimin’s Latest Collaboration Song with Singer Taeyang

“VMin (V and Jimin) have been best friends for the longest time, having gone to high school together, joined the same company (BigHit Entertainment) then and now together in the biggest group in the world. The two friends are always supporting each other in every way, they even have a song “Friends” that speaks of their friendship story and have been in each other’s lives for so long that they are literally brothers. Jimin released a song, “VIBE” that he was featured by Taeyang a member of BIGBANG, and V has shared the clip on his Instagram account. He wrote,

“wow TAEYANG hyung Jiminie come and receive big bow 🙇🏻”

and tagged Jimin and Taeyang.


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