BTS’ RM Cheering for His Dongsaeng Jimin as He Releases His Collab Song “VIBE” with Taeyang 

“BTS’ leader RM is cheering on for Jimin’s solo collaboration song with Taeyang. “VIBE” was released todat 13th December 2023 which is a song Jimin jas collaborated on Taeyang’s song. RM took to instagram to show his support for the tow artists by sharing the song’s art on his stories with a caption. RM was the third BTS member to release a solo album “Indigo” after j-hops’s “Jack in the Box” and Jin’s “Astronaut” He has been promoting the album which has performed very well and made several streaming and selling records. He wrote,

“go get ‘em my bros @/__youngbae__ @/j.m”


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