“BTS’ SUGAxVALENTINOxGQ New Upcoming Campaign is Hot!

“BTS’ SUGA will be collaborating with Valentino and GQ for a new campaign, the details are yet to be released but from the teaser that Valentino shared on its Twitter accout, the campoaign seems to be one that will be both incredible and meaningful. BTS are on a break from their group activities and they have been focusing on their own solo projects, travelling, doing photo shoots among other activities. Regarding the campaign Valentino wrote,

“#MaisonValentinoEssentials comes to the forefront through a special campaign with @GQMagazine and #SUGA of #BTS. In a behind the scenes preview, SUGA becomes a symbol of empathy and connection, captured in new-in looks. Stay tuned and shop the pieces only at LA’s Maxfield.”


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