BTS’ RM Is The First Korean Male Soloist in History to Spend 5 Weeks on Billboard’s Artist 100 Chart

“BTS’ RM has made history once again with his album “Indigo” this time, he is the first Korean male soloist in history to spend five weeks on the Billboard Artist 100 chart. He was at no. 71 on this week’s chart. “Indigo” is the debut studio album of South Korean rapper RM, released on December 2, 2022. “Indigo” is the rapper’s first lengthy body of work since Mono is the album (2018). The album, which has 10 tracks and cameos from Erykah Badu, Anderson.Paak, Tablo of Epik High, Kim Sa-wol, Paul Blanco, Mahalia, Colde, Youjeen of Cherry Filter, and Park Ji-yoon, is referred to as a chronicle or archive of the latter years of RM’s twenties.

The ninth song on the album, “Wild Flower,” which Youjeen RM co-wrote, was also made available as the lead single and music video for the album was released as well.


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