BTS’ j-hope Once Again Mentioned Jin During an Award Show Speech

“The Golden Disk Awards were held on on 7th January and BTS walked away with 7 collective awards for the group and individual members. j-hope was the only member who attended the award ceremony and received the awards on behalf of the members. In one of the speeches j-hope mentioned Jin once again as he gave an update of how thw members were doing. He said partly,

“Yesterday, the members and I drank together except for Jin hyung who went to enlist, we met after a long time and we felt good” j-hope

During the 2023 MAMA awards, j-hope also received the awards on behalf of the members as he was the only one who attended the event and also performed. During his speech for their “Platinum” award, he called Jin who said a few words telling fans that he would go to the ARMY and come back well and ready to give fans good music


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