“BTS BTS BTS” Currently Trending With Over 2.4 Million Tweets After BTS Wins at The 2023 Golden Disk Awards

“BTS have earned their 71th DAESANG, extending their record as the most Daesang awarded artists in history. The 2023 Golden Disk Awards have just been announced and BTS and some of their members have collectively won 7 awards at the event. ARMY is now celebrating the wins, reminiscing on how far BTS have come and their record breaking awards. As a result “BTS BTS BTS” is currently trending worldwide with 2.48 million twitter mentions.

Other trends include, “BTS LIVING LEGENDS,” “BTS IS THE STANDARD,” “CONGRATULATIONS BTS,” “BTS PAVED THE WAY,” “BEST GROUP,” “BEST PERFORMANCE,” “hobi,” “SO PROUD OF YOU,” “WELL DESERVED,” “Album of the Year,” among other key words


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