BTS Becomes First Artist in The Golden Disc Awards History to win ‘Album of the Year’ (Daesang) for 6 consecutive years

“BTS’ “Proof” album released in 2022 as an anthology album won “Album of the Year” at the 37th Golden Disk Awards. By winning this BTS becomes the first artist in the history of the Golden Disc Awards to win ‘Album of the Year’ Daesang for 6 consecutive years. They have won the title since 2018 with their album “Love Yourself: Her” to now in 2023 with “Proof” They are also the first to win the Album Bonsang for 9 consecutive years.

The albums that have won BTS “Album of the Year” at Golden Disk Awards include:

🏆 2018 – Love Yourself: Her
🏆 2019 – Love Yourself: Answer
🏆 2020 – Map of the Soul: Persona
🏆 2021 – Map of the Soul: 7
🏆 2022 – BE
🏆 2023 – PROOF


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