“ENDED BTS” Currently Trending & The Reason Why Will Have You Shook!

“BTS are always trending on several social media sites and twitter is always their domain despite the fact that they are rarely active now that they have their own Instagram accounts. Incase you woke up to find “ENDED BTS” trending, do not be alarmed about what the statements stands for. BT21 released a music video, “Would You” to celebrate five years anniversary of their existence. BT21 are BTS’ animated characters that represent each member since it is the members that created them. Jin (RJ), SUGA (Shooky), j-hope (Mang), RM (Koya), Jimin (Chimmy), V (Tata), Jung Kook (Cooky)

In October 2017 Line Friends teamed up with BTS to create the world of BT21. In 2019, BTS created the characters. BT21 consists of 7 unique characters created according to the member’s personalities along with their guardian protector, ARMY.

We even have streaming goals for the MV!

“ENDED BTS” is trending as fans react to how good the music video is!

the making of the characters


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