BTS as A Group & It’s Individual Members Take Up 7 of Top 10 Most Mentioned Artists On Social Media in 2022

“According to NetBase Quid a social analytics tool that measures the most mentioned artists on social media, BTS topped the LIST, with 6 BTS members taking up all the top 6 positions and at number 9. BTS the group is the first followed by band member Jin, Jimin, V, Jung Kook and then RM. The chart only had one Western artist, Taylor Swift.

Several activities have happened surrounding BTS to cause them to be in the top ten on the list. First was their revelation that they would be taking a break from group activities and focus on individual ones during their 2022 FESTA.

j-hope then went ahead and kicked off the activities as he released his first ever solo album, “Jack in the Box” and also headlining Lollapalooza festival where he broke several records with the festival.

BTS holding a concert in Busan for over 50,000 fans at the venue and several millions watching online which caused the apps to break down. It was at the concert that they showcased their first live performance of the much anticipated song “RUN BTS!” At the event Jin announced that he would be releasing his solo album.

A few weeks later HYBE announced that all BTS members will enlist in the military at different points with Jin being the first member. All would enlist following Jin and all will be reunited together as a group in 2025

Following that RM announced that he would be releasing his first ever solo album.

Several weeks later it was revealed that Jung Kook would be performing at the 2022 FIFA World Cup as one of the headlining acts and he would also be releasing the official FIFA sound track for the opening ceremony. Jung Kook later performed at the ceremony

In between all these the members have been releasing photo folios where each member creates their own themes to be included in a collection of a photo book. So far, Jung Kook, RM, Jimin, Jin and V have released theirs, we are waiting for SUGA and j-hope’s next

BTS won several awards at the 2022 MAMA Awards and. j-hope was the only member who attended the ceremony as he was performing during the event. He was also nominated and walked away with some awards. He later called Jin to say the speech after they won the biggest award at the show, the MAMA Platinum award.

Recently Jin was the first to officially leave for the military and HYBE shared a video of the members bidding him goodbye at the enlistment ceremony.

To say that ARMY have gone through a plethora of emotions and skidded through all the stages of grief is an understatement. Who knew so much cold happen in one year, all one after the other! Coping mechanisms are different, whether it be through humor with the many memes of BTS in the military floating around, streaming songs, re watching old Bangtan content, ARMYs have been keeping BTS’ name on their lips and on the social media, so its easy enough to see why BTS would be the top mentioned artist in 2022!

Congratulations BTS!


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