6 Out Of 7 Members Of BTS Have Now Debuted Songs On The Billboard Hot 100 Chart As Solo Artists

“6 out of 7 of the BTS members have debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. RM was the latest member to debut on the chart with his single “Wild Flower” that he sang with ‘youjeen‘ The song was released on 2nd December and is the lead song to RM’s solo album “Indigo” RM’s other members that debuted a song/s on the Hot 100 chart include, j-hope, SUGA (AgustD), V, Jung Kook, and Jin. Both j-hope and SUGA (AgustD) have 3 entries, Jung Kook has two entries while V, RM and Jin have one entry each.

BTS’ j-hope was the first member to earn a debut single on the Billboard Hot 100 chart

j-hope (“Chicken Noodle Soup,” j-hope “More,” “Arson”)

SUGA/Agust D (“Daechwita,” “Girl of My Dreams,” and “That That”)

V (“Christmas Tree”)

Jung Kook (“Stay Alive,” “Left and Right”)

JIN (“The Astronaut”)

RM (“Wild Flower)


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