BTS’ Jung Kook Holds Record For The Biggest Streaming Year for a Kpop Soloist in Spotify History!

“BTS’ Jung Kook breaks record for biggest streaming year by a K-pop Soloist in Spotify history! He achieved this by garnering over 676 Million plays on the biggest worldwide streaming app! Jung Kook has now surpassed Korean soloist IU who has 675 million streams. Jung Kook truly is the king of Spotify. This is impressive because Jung Kook only has 3 songs on Spotify, “Dreamers” official FIFA World Cup soundtrack, “Left & Right” with Charlie Puth and “Stay Alive” produced by band member SUGA. Some of his records include,

-MOST streams for a Kpop Soloist in 2022
-MOST streamed song for a Kpop Act with Left and Right in 2022
-BIGGEST gains in Spotify followers
-HIGHEST total streams in a year ever on Spotify, surpassing IU
-2nd most monthly listeners for a kpop act

Jung Kook began 2022 with no Spotify account and no solo music. Now he’s close to ending 2022 as the most streamed kpop soloist on Spotify, close to 700 Million streams with ONLY 3 songs. And now he’s the #2 kpop act currently with the most monthly listeners!!


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