How BTS Members Wished Jin a Happy Birthday in 2022

“It is that time of the year again and we are celebrating BTS Jin’s birthday. 4th December is Jin’s birthday and fans are already sending him birthday wishes. His band members have always sent hi birthday wishes on their official twitter account but since they opened Instagram, they also send those wishes on the app. j-hope was the first member to wish Jin a happy birthday by posting pictures and a short clip of Jin. he wrote his message and hashtags for Jin’s birthday. SUGA also wrote on the twitter page clowning him for them being 30 years old now.

This is Jin’s last birthday he will be celebrating with his members as he will soon enlist in the military so it is a special one and they are probably spending it together. even though they have not posted on Social media, they have already wished him birthday wishes and even probably given him presents.


our hyung is mine~





*like when you get a big catch, a big fish when fishing


bebas ongkir dong (free shipping please in indonesian)

#/For People Who Love Jin Hyung

#/Seokjin Marry Me



ON instagram


jjwan happy birthdaayy. we’re both 30s even in western ages* kkuhl kkuhl**

#/Jin Birthday Congrats


#/Fighting to the 30s * western age meaning the normal way age is counted. korean age system is different ** kkuhl kkuhl is like haha (sounds of laughter)


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