BTS’ Jin Held a Weverse Live to Celebrate His 2022 Birthday With ARMYs

“As is tradition, BTS’ Jin held a birthday Live session to celebrate his birthday. Jin has always celebrated his birthday with fans by hosting live session and he did so this year as well. He read comments, chatted and even hilariously complained that Jung Kook wasn’t there to help him blow the candles like he did for his birthday when he went to visit him.

He also said that his friends in the neighborhood brought him a pink birthday cake and told him it was pink because he was a prince! And then he did the most Jin thing to do, he literally chopped his birthday cake, with his bare hands! He’s so extra why lie? But we hope he had a great birthday nonetheless.

His Vlive chats

🐹 ah on jungkooks birthday i went to visit him but he didnt even come. since jungkooks not here ill do it. ill light this

🐹 is my lung capacity too weak or is this candle too strong why wont it go out, okay~ it was the direction that wasnt good

🐹 ah i was playing games yesterday, and as soon as it hit 12, i got a call from jhope. i thought whether i should pick up or not. what nonsense would he say at this time of night. but suddenly he went ‘when im with you~ there is no~ jin~ birthday~’ so i was like ‘what’ because i didnt even know it was my birthday. and jhope told me happy birthday, asking if he was the first person to congratulate me a happy birthday. so i told him thank you and the members congratulated me. i got around 3 happy birthday messages on kakaotalk. i thought if i dont have the members, its hard to get a happy birthday since i dont have many friends

🐹 jimin-ah, didnt you have work today ? why are you watching my live, is it your break ?

🐥 please make a big wish
🐹 jimin-ah ! make a big wish ? are you watching hyungs live ?!
🐹 hey did you sing happy birthday with me or not ?
🐹 yah~ you have manners dont you
🐹 im just waiting for your comment jimin-ah
🐥 your wish making time was too short
🐹 ah ill do it again, just wait. lets sing happy birthday one more time.
🐹 jimin-nim came so we’ll do it one more time.

Jimin wished Jin a Happy Birthday during Jin’s weverse Live!

🐥 Happy Birthday dear Jin
🐥 What do you want for your birthday?
🐥 The gift is my heart ❤
🐥 I’m resting because I have cramps

Jin singing happy birthday for himself

Jin cutting his cake


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