BTS RM’s Album “Indigo” & Lead Song “Wild Flower” Reached #1 in all 8 Major Music Markets on iTunes!

“BTS RM’s album “Indigo” has topped the 8 major music markets in the world! The song hit #1 in USA, Brazil, Canada, Netherlands, France, Australia, UK, Germany and Japan.Indigo” recounts “stories and experiences [he] has gone through, like a diary.” He provided updates on the status of his own album on a personal livestream on Weverse in July, indicating that it was nearly finished, roughly “90 percent done,” and all that remained was the production of music videos and other content to be released alongside the album.

“Indigo” by BTS’ RM Becomes the 2nd Album by a Korean Soloist (after D-2 by AgustD) to Achieve An all-kill in The Top Music Markets

As for how the music will differ greatly from 2018’s Mono, he added: “If ‘Mono’ captured my 2016 to 2018, then I think this new album acts as my journal and archive for 2019 to ’22.


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