“BTS’ RM ‘Wild Flower (with youjeen)’ is The no.1 Trending Music Video Worldwide And no.1 In The Music Category

“BTS’ RM ‘Wild Flower (with youjeen)’ is the no.1 trending music video worldwide and no.1 in the music category. The song was released on 2nd December 2022. Following the release of the group’s fourth studio album Map of the Soul: 7 (2020) and the single “Dynamite,” RM talked about dealing with creative burnout and losing his sense of direction in June 2022, during BTS’ ninth anniversary celebrations, after announcing that the band members would be giving more attention to individual music projects going forward.

He added that it had been more difficult for him to combine his individual artistic endeavors with the requirements of his role in the band due to the pressure from being a part of the K-pop industry to constantly make music. He wanted time to reflect and find his musical identity.

“Indigo” is RM’s confession of all the emotions he has been experiencing since 2019 when he said he had been working on the album.


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