BTS’ RM Becomes the 1st Korean Soloist to Get an All-kill With an Album and Its Title Track in the Top 8 Music Markets

“BTS’ RM becomes the 1st Korean soloist to get an All-kill with an album and its title track in the Top 8 Music Markets. The album marks the rapper’s first full-length body of work since Mono released in 2018. The song hit #1 in USA, Brazil, Canada, Netherlands, France, Australia, UK, Germany and Japan. “BTS’ RM now joins Lizzo, Harry Styles, Taylor Swift & BTS as the Only Acts In 2022 To Have Both a Song and Album Chart at #1 on US iTunes.

Wild Flower” becomes RM’s 3rd song to reach #1 on US iTunes, the first two being, Winter Flower (with Younha) and Don’t (with eAeon) All 10 tracks from #Indigo by RM are charting in the Top 13 on US. iTunes !


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