BTS’ Rapline Celebrates South Korea’s Historical Win at The 2022 FIFA World Cup

bts celbrate south korea winning to round of 16 at the 2022 fifa world cup

“BTS’ rapline SUGA. RM and j-hope are celebrating South Korea’s win over Uruguay to advance to the round of 16 at the FIFA World Cup! This is a historical win not only because of football but because Jung Kook of BTS performed at the opening ceremony at the global event. Jung Kook even had the chance to meet the men football team and showed off his jersey that he was gifted when he returned home. The song “Dreamers” was played as the team celebrated their win. It was beautiful to see the players and the fans cerebrating the win.

SUGA, RM and j-hope posted on their Instagram accounts celebrating the win. SUGA just expressed his emotions with ohahhhhhahahahahahahahhhhhh”, RM posted a picture with the words “Best day ever!” whole j-hope posted a picture with the caption “ROUND 16!!!!!!!!! great job to our players” and a video clip with Jung Kook’s song “Dreamers” playing on the background. Jung Kook must be proud wherever he is because the team dared to dream nd they have won!

South Korea’s football team has also made history as this is the First time in World Cup history that 3 teams from the Asian confederation are through to the knockout stages of the tournament! Listen to Jung Kook’s song to celebrate





“Best day ever!”

The news was widley reported


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