BTS RM’s ‘Wild Flower (with youjeen)’ Official Music Video Drops!

“It’s finally here! RM’s official music video for the song “Wild Flower” has been released! The song is about all that RM has been thinking. He had said that he had been working on the album “Indigo” since 2019. The song packs so much that you can tell that he gave his everything, he poured out his heart sincerely into the music that has been his first love. The song showcases RM’s lyricism, word play, rhymes and all things poetic. He is just so beautiful the was he expresses himself and brigs you into his journey so far.

Wild Flower” is lovely. additionally vulnerable. As RM sung of his difficulties, my heart pretty much ached. In the midst of “the gilded prison of celebrity,” he discovers his significance and purpose in the grand scheme of things. And depending on the day, there are both tears and wonder in that search. He has been on a journey to find himself and he is now slowly blooming, back to the love that he had for his music.


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