BTS Jimin’s Pink Hair Ranked as “Favorite K-pop male idol’s hair color” Garnering 49.14% of The Total Votes

“In a survey conducted by Danmee, Pink haired Jimin won as the “Favorite K-pop male idol’s hair color”, receiving 1,542 votes or 49.14% of the total. On Danmee, an online media, they asked Internet users, “What is your favorite K-pop male idol’s hair color?” The survey was conducted from Friday, November 11 to Friday, November 18, 2022. Jimin won with his pink hair receiving 1,542 votes, or 49.14% of the total, Stray Kid’s Felix came in 2nd with his red hair receiving 921 votes, which is 29.35% of the total. BTS’ V came in 3rd with his blue hair receiving 450 votes, which is 14.34% of the total

“A K-pop idol who shows off her bold hair color that matches the song and concept every time she makes a comeback. This time, Danmee conducts a big survey on such hair coloring! Speaking of things to look forward to in the comeback, it’s the visuals of the activity period! Among the visuals, the level of interest in “hair color” is particularly high, and that hair color led me to like the idol! The influence on fans is so great that some people say.” Danmee

The K-pop male idols with different hair colors that appeared as choices for the survey were,

【Red】 Stray Kids Felix
【Pink】 BTS Jimin
【Purple】 NCT Haechan
【Green】 ATEEZ Sun
【Blue】 BTS V
【White】 SEVENTEEN Joshua
【Gold】 ENHYPEN Jake



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