BTS’ Jin Gave The Speech For “MAMA Platinum Award” They Received via Mobile Phone

“BTS was awarded the “MAMA Platinum award during the 2022 Mnet Asian Music Awards” the award is given to an artist/s who has won 4 Daesangs (grand award) which BTS has done so. j-hope who was the only member to attend the show since he was also performing received the award on behalf of the members. He called Jin with his mobile phone and gave a brief speech. He said,

“It’s getting cold so be careful not to catch a cold. Don’t get sick stay healthy. I won’t be making a public appearance for a while but I will come back with great music soon. I’ll go to the military safely!” Jin

j-hope seemed emotional especially when Jin mentioned going to the military. Jin is expected to head to the South Korean military next month as BTS will all eventually serve an meet again in 2025.


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