BTS Awarded “MAMA Platinum” at the 2022 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMAs)

“BTS made history AGAIN for being the first recipients of the MAMA Platinum award for sweeping They are Absolute ICONS!. BTS received the “MAMA PLATINUM” trophy at the Mnet Asian Music Awards 2022! This is awarded to artist who have won 4 Daesangs all at once! The host said in part, “The one and only artist who created a global cultural phenomenon beyond K-pop, marking a breakthrough in pop culture of the 21st century” BTS have won 4 Daesangs at MAMA Awards for 3 consecutive years.

They were the first K-pop band to win the award from a small company back in 2016 “Artist of the Year” and in 2019 they won all 4 Daesangs in a single night. They have done so for the past 3 years.

j-hope’s speech at MAMA

j-hope: oh, please wait a bit.. it’s a very heavy trophy. so say that we’ve won 4 daesangs for 3 years in a row.. it feels as if so many memories are flashing before my eyes. first, it seems like it’s an award with a deep meaning, and i feel like it will be an award that will always remain in our hearts. honestly, as i mentioned earlier, it would have been really really nice if the members could come up and express their gratitude as well, and it’s a shame they weren’t able to. actually, i’ve prepared one thing. our jin hyung said he had something he wanted to say so let me quickly call him. what should i do if he doesn’t pick up though aha?”

Jin: hello!

j-hope: hyung, i’m doing my award acceptance speech right now, but could you just say one thing? there are many armys who want to see you

Jin: how can you call me in the middle of an award acceptance speech?

j-hope: haha i just helplessly called you. i only have you hyung haha

Jin: that’s right. you only have me. okay, wait a bit. i’ll do it with the mind of a pro(fessional)

j-hope: okay, jin hyung-

Jin: be quiet for a bit, friend. hello everyone, it’sbts jin. really, so receive such an honorable award again, i thank you so much for giving us an honorable award, and.. our army!! our armys, thank you so so much and i love you. and our members, you’ve always worked hard. and our members, i love you so so much too

j-hope: i love you hyung

Jin: i still have more left

j-hope: oh, really?

Jin: the weather’s getting colder, so everyone, please watch out so you don’t catch a cold and don’t get sick and take care of your body/health. and I won’t be able to see anyone at official events now, but I’ll come back next time with good music. everyone, I’ll go and come back well/safely from the military! thank you!

j-hope then continued with his speech

j-hope: “thank you! I love you. I think I should mention it once more, but first, our ARMYs, thank you so so much and thank you so so much for being together with us for 10 years. I want to tell you I love you to the point where 100 times isn’t enough. and once again, to the staff to who work hard for BTS, and to the members of the label, I want to say thank you. it’s because of the staff we are able to stand here. and to the members’ families as well, I love you so much. and of course, to our members, I love you. I’ll wrap up the speech by saying that moving forwards, I promise to show you good music, and through music, give hope and energy. thank you so so much, I love you!

BTS was honored to receive MAMA Platinum Award which is a new category for artists who have won all four Daesangs (awards) at once for MAMA. BTS won “Artist of the Year”,Song of the Year” and “Worldwide Icon of the Year” in 2019 and didn’t stop. And then during the acceptance speech for BTS’s 2022 MAMA Platinum award j-hope made a surprise phone call to Jin so he could share this moment with him & the ARMYs at MAMA as well. After gathering his thoughts Jin greeted everyone & shared with his additional thoughts making j-hope have an emotional moment

Five years ago MAMA had to create the “Worldwide Icon” Daesang to capture the scope of what BTS was doing on a global level and this year they had to create the Platinum award because BTS kept sweeping their Daesangs. There is no one else on BTS’ level and there never will be. BTS extended their record as the most winner of “Artist of The Year” (Daesang) at MAMA Awards for 7 consecutive years (2016-2022)!!

BTS first ever Daesang at the Melon Music Awards (MMA) 2016

BTS first ever Daesang at the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) 2016


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