So The Tannies (BTS) Have Unofficially Acquired a New Nickname & Has Everything To Do With Jung Kook’s Appearance at FIFA World Cup

“BTS have unofficially acquired a new nickname. And it all has to do with the maknae, Jung Kook’ visit to Qatar for the historical “Dreamers” performance. BTS is fondly called Tannies, short form for Bangtannies and now fans can add a new nickname “Kookie and the Kookies” This nickname stems from an interview that a show host on a YouTube channel sat down with one of the event organizers who was involved in getting Jung Kook to participate in the world cup song. In the Arabic interview translated by a fan the host is asked why they did not invite the other members.

The interviewee speaks and says that Jung Kook is also known as Kookie by his fans and he knows that because he received a lot of messages starting with “Kookie released a song… etc. So the hosts asks “Why did you guys (team) bring Kookie only and not the other Kookies (meaning the other BTS members)

ARMYs are finding that hilarious and have even started creating memes around that. And now BTS are “Kookie and the other Kookies” or Kookie and the Kookies”

The reactions are hilarious!


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