BTS RM’s Mixtape “Mono” is Now Finally Available on South Korean Streaming Sites

“BTS RM’s album “Mono” and his song “Bicycle” are now available on Korean streaming sites and “Bicycle” is now on his Spotify page. During their 2022 FESTA dinner, j-hope and RM talked about hoping that their mixtapes will get the chance to be made available to Korean streaming sites like Genie. J-hope even mentioned that while making the “Jack In The Box” album, that was his purpose, to make songs that can be uploaded on Korean streaming sites. “mono” has seven songs, and the seventh, “Forever Rain,” was accompanied by an animated music video.

Mono has been referred to as a mixtape in certain newspapers, but RM has labeled it a playlist. Both Korean and English songs are sung and rapped in it. Mono has the songs “Tokyo”, “Seoul” (produced by Honne), “Moonchild”, “Badbye” (with eAeon), “Uhgood” (어긋, Eogeut; lit. “Out of Place”), “Everythingoes” (지나가, Jinaga; with Nell) and “Forever Rain”

You can listen to it on Soundcloud below

RM’s songs originally posted only on Soundcloud, have now joined j-hope’s and Jin’s in being available on Korean streaming sites.  Fans couldn’t be happier than to get RM’s greatest album “Mono” locally

“Forever Rain”



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