BTS’ SUGA To Host His Own Show! “SUCHWITA: Time to Drink With SUGA” Coming Soon!

“BTS’ SUGA will be having a show titled “”SUCHWITA: Time to Drink With SUGA”. A 53 second teaser was posted o BTS’ YouTube channel “BANGTANTV” where it shows SUGA pouring a drink for a mystery guest. ARMYs of course know who it is, just from his laugh alone. The two seem to be chatting and enjoying some drinks. The show will air from 5th December 2022.

The show is aptly named “SUCHWITA” from his successful song “Daechwita” we are looking forward to what the show has to offer! Jin started with his own show and now SUGA is hosting one. BTS really is giving ATRMY content that will keep them active for the period that they will be away. Watch the teaser below


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