ARMY Hilariously Clowning BigHit For Trying To Hide Guest At SUGA’s Show When They “literally know the BTS members By their shadows”

“A few hours ago it was announced that SUGA will be having his own variety show titled “SUCHWITA: Time to Drink With SUGA” the preview or teaser shared showed SUGA poring some drinks and he has a guest that is talkin with. The face of the guest is half shown and at some point there is a block covering his face. Now if there is anything that does not pass ARMYs keen eyes its the details. Fans already know who the guest is since, they “literally know the members by their shadows” Nothing passes over their noses, and now hilarious memes are already out on how the company is tying to hide the guest when it is sooo obvious who it is.

Whether HYBE did it on purpose or not, fans will never miss and opportunity to create funny means in any situation around BTS. See some hilarious reactions below

The best meme


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