British GQ Under Fire for Poor Wording On Article Boardering On Xenophobia & Stereotypical Remarks

“GQ an American magazine is being called it for it’s poor wording of an article and using BTS for Clout in it’s latest tweeter post. The online magazine released a list of “Most Stylish People on the Planet” Among many of the celebrities on the list is South Korean Idol “G-dragon. In his description, the magazine writes,

Dragon. G-Dragon was selling out Seoul stadiums before BTS was even a Petri dish in a K-pop factory farm. Coloured hair? Womenswear? Chanel and luxury house campaigns? Nike collaborations? G-Dragon did it first and he’s still out there.” _GQ

There is everything wrong with that description. First of all, you are stirring about G-Dragon. What does his style have to do with another artist? It should be about G-Gragon, not comparing one artist against the other. It is disrespectful to the artist being written about and completely unnnecesary to add the name BTS to the article.

I don’t think I have seen any of the other features celebrities being compared to another. This is not even about people being fans of BTS, it’s about not using unnecessary comparisons to pass a message.

Comments on the article just prove that the author really was not doing his job well. Not only was the writer stereotyping, they were being disrespectful

“Since you’re responsible for social – do you see why ‘factory farm’ is not okay, in any form, when talking about people? I’m not saying this as a disgruntled fan. I’m saying this as someone genuinely concerned about the easy use of racist stereotypes.”

This kind of xenophobic language, not to mention inaccuracy in information, is unacceptable. Do you really want to be responsible for promoting racist stereotypes that lead to the marginalizing and abuse of Asians around the world? Fix this wording now.”

“Is this trying to praise G-dragon, bc its straight up the opposite this is xenophobic as hell. Its racist to both BTS and Asians. And coming from white people who wrote this isn’t even surprising. “Coloured hair? Womenswear? @BritishGQ Give an apology

Was that even necessary, to drag BTS for clout and disrespecting both artists?? Like GDragon is literally an inspiration for BTS members.. you couldn’t have thought of a better caption ?”

Blowing one candle out to make another burn brighter? This isn’t journalism, it’s catty, lazy and xenophobic. You owe both artists an apology. I’m embarrassed for”


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