A French Radio Host Under Fire for Racist, Inappropriate and Sexist Homophobic Remarks Against BTS

“A French radio host has come under fire for inappropriate, racist, sexist, and homophobic remarks against BTS. The host jokes about BTS and underplays the performance of Jung Kook at the world cup. He even joked about Nelson Mandela intentionally confusing him with the actor Morgan Freeman. In part of his talk, he called BTS “a group of Korean virgins” in a derogative way It is not just ARMYs that are demanding for an apology, French locals are also calling him out demanding the station fire him and condemning how such remarks could make it on air.

Part of the translation of his remarks were “For a country that’s practicing homophobia as a national sport, I think that there’s a fair amount of weenies between them there. Not a lot of celebrities there, there was Marcel Desailly, a group of korean virgins, that were singing and oh yeah- there was also Nelson Mandela, that’s pretty-” “But, he’s dead-”

The word “puceau” here means virgin but it can also mean an effeminate man or homosexual in a negative way. And obviously he “joked” about confusing Morgan Freeman and N. Mandela😐 translated by Mintjungkook

Some of the comments regarding the matter

“I want to answer for those who say the opposite and who agree with them, we talk about respect regardless of the group or the person you have to be respectful,”

“I’m shocked, it’s outrageous! French radio never ceases to shame us and give the opportunity to the international to humiliate us…”

“I’ll just comment here… Because I just don’t want to propagate and see on my account this kind of sequence, just stupid, far from being funny, disrespectful… And still I remain polite!!!! @RTLFrance , sometimes, it is better to abstain eh !!!!”

“Unprofessional, racist, disgusting the list goes on what kind of radio hosts do you give platform too exactly?? @RTLFrance @RTL2officiel We need an apology and for them to get fired this is unacceptable”

“I will be ashamed in your place @RTLFrance A medium such as yours defames young men you don’t even know, you live with them to know what they do with their lives? It is because of someone like you that we are frowned upon internationally.”

“Once again, the proof in the media that when we do not know, we prefer to insult than to inform ourselves and disrespect to call it “humor” @RTLFrance”

It’s disappointing and plain annoying how some people get off talking shit about people that do not even affects their lives or cross their line. the host had no reason to talk in such offensive way for a group of people who do nothing but try to peach positivity and loving yourself. If someone really has nothing good to say, then there is no reason to say it. I’m sure at the end of this he will write it off as “I was just joking” “It’s comedy” “You’re too sensitive” and such other kinds of nonsense. Respect does not cost much.


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