“Jack In The Box” by BTS’ j-hope Now Holds The Record for The Fastest Album by Korean Soloist to Surpass 300 Million Streams On Spotify!

“The album “Jack In The Box” by j-hope has surpassed 300 MILLION streams on Spotify, becoming the fastest album by a Korean Soloist in history to do so. The album hit this milestone in just 127 days! “Jack In The Box” is the FIRST and ONLY 2022 album by a K-pop soloist to reach 200M and 300M streams on Spotify! 1. Jack In The Box — 127 days 2. D-2 — 341 days 3. Mono — 959 days 4. Hope World — 1139 days. Jack in the Box is j-hope’s debut studio album released on July 15, 2022. Jack in the Box is a concept album that explores themes of passion, ambition, humanity, insecurity, success, and concern about the future. It is based on the narrative of Pandora’s Box. The CD, which primarily consists of vintage hip-hop music, also includes pop, grunge, and R&B.


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