Here’s How Eagle Eyed ARMYs Have Just Discovered That BTS’ SUGA Might Be Having A New Black Pet (s)

“When it comes to investigations and theories and finding hidden meanings, ARMYs are at the forefront of unearthing mysteries when it comes to BTS. They check details like photos, videos, words, places frame by frame to discover what you might never have discovered. Eagle eyed fans have already spotted and discovered that SUGA may be owning a cat and not just any cat but a black cat! SUGA posted on his Instagram account clips and photos of Jung Kook performing at the opening ceremony for the FIFA World Cup. He posted a series of photos and there is one with snippets of his gallery.

On these snippets, ARMY have already noticed several pictures of a black cat. As a result ‘YOONGI HAS A CAT’, ‘HE HAS A CAT’, ‘YOONGI HAS A BLACK CAT’ and ‘YOONGI GOT A CAT’ are now trending under K-pop category. Soon after a twitter user posted a tweet that spoke about SUGA adopting 2 black cats. Which is now true since his Instagram photos have revealed he indeed has a black cat/2 black cats.

The post the SUGA posted that gave away his new pets


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