BTS’ SUGA Is Like The Proud Parent After His Comment On Jung Kook’s Weverse Live

“BTS have watched Jung Kook grow right before their eyes. from the shy 15 year old to the now impressively talented, confident man that he is today. SUGA has always gushed about Jung Kook’s growth and is always impressed by his development. During a variety show SUGA mentioned that Jung Kook was the most talented artist he has ever worked with. Again during their 2022 FESTA dinner he was impressed at how mature Jung Kook had become. He said that Jung Kook had matured and was a grown up. SUGA is like the proud father having watched their child grow up into his own individual. Jung Kook recently had a Live and SUGA commented on is Live, Just as Jungkook was ending his Weverse Live, he wrote,

“Jungkookie is all grown up”


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